Art.No.: BSB/P/G-B-35

Merry Christmas "Bell" - Bracelet

White cultured freshwater pearls (ca. 6mm); dark red Garnet (ca. 6mm) and green Peridot (ca. 5mm). BS-Blackberry logo with a lucky bell as well as the Christmas bell (ca. 8*10mm) and other materials in 925 silver.
Length: ca. 35 cm
  Other clasps and lengths on request. Please see Sophie’s advice.
Father Christmas, where are you?
I´ve already hanged up my stockings for you!
Christmas tree, are you ready to showing us the shining dress now? Mama and Papa, are you still busy in the kitchen?
I've already prepared the wonderful Christmas Feast in my small kitchen for all my lovely special friends!
I hear the bells are ringing now!
Yes, Father Christmas, you are coming!
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