Sophie, my darling!

You came into our life like a wonderful, colourful and magical rainbow after the dark and heavy thunderstorm! Your rainbow kind of arrival allowed us to make a new, silent and bright wish for our new life together with you! Then, I started to search for something really special and unique for you, just like the rainbow! The red like the dawn in the morning; the green like the mint with the fresh smell; the blue like the sky over the sea; the violet like the lavender waving in the wind; the yellow like the sunflowers smiling in the field, but I could not find any… Luckily, I found gemstone, quartz, and pearls can present a rainbow colour for our Sophie, therefore the first necklace was done!
With the tremendous supports from my best friends around, we decide to create more designs for all the wonderful children to present them a colourful, wonderful world at the beginning of their life! They got to know that the colours are one of the most important elements in one's life!

In love, Mum & Dad.

Lu Zhang-Burmeister:
Together with the great
nature, I had spent my
most wonderful childhood
in Beijing. And because of
love, I moved to north
of Germany, Hamburg
since 1999.
Time flying! The most
beautiful day for me in
Hamburg is the date
when our daughter
Sophie was born.
Currently, we are running
a small sized family owned
company. With our multi-
cultured family we have always a lot laugh and
fun with our daughter Sophie!